Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trying to Find

Today I looked for an envelope
that I had misplaced on top of my dresser
some time ago.  So I began to
dig through a pile soy miscellany.

Magazines, receipts,
a ziploc bag full of coins.
Ticket stubs,
gum wrappers,
a fresh peppermint.

Fifteen to twenty
other envelopes.

Pens, deodorant,
a slightly broken comb.
my wristwatch,
a baseball cap.

Some particleboard,
a pile of socks,
freshly washed towels.
Shims, a rug,
the floorboards.

Aw, shit.
Now I better start looking for some nails.


  1. I am trying so hard to make sense of the envelop/envelope connection, and I can't. Help me.

  2. Haha. Just typos. I am really struggling with this new blogger format that just started happening yesterday, it is making my proofreading very poor.