Friday, April 20, 2012

It's at night - when you're
just about to fall asleep - that your
unbounded brain starts to write
out your grocery list and wonder
if he is really mad at you or just trying to
make you feel guilty and, suddenly,
you know the solution to the
debt crisis in Greece and the exact
way you want to rearrange that
top-left cabinet and, wait, why
do we shape our eyebrows for
aesthetic pleasure, isn't that weird?,
and could there actually be a meaning
behind all the the seemingly random
ways we come together and fray apart and
come together and fray apart and repeat
and repeat and repeat?

Then it's morning.
And all you think is -
I have to pee.


  1. This rings so true. My only suggestion would be to think about not spinning into abstraction at the end of the first stanza; the specificity is what really generates the connection with the reader.

    Lurve it.

  2. oo, but i really love the last three lines of the first stanza.

  3. this is great. this is my life.